7 January 2014

Co-Sleeping Part 2!

So beautiful xo

Last post, I touched on co-sleeping and wasn't too sure if others would share their opinions and experiences. Well, some of you did and I loved hearing from you. I wanted to share some of the responses from others.

I don't intentionally co-sleep because to be honest I don't like it, but she wakes up every night, only once around 4:30 or 5 a.m. and I cannot for the life of me get her back into a deep sleep in her crib, so being the selfish wanting sleep mother that I am it is just much easier to bring her to bed with us - she is ALWAYS lying freakin' horizontally with her feet in someone's face and kicks the crap outta us! We have a king bed and it still isn't big enough.

You know my thoughts in co-sleeping. Big fan! Got lots of raised eyebrows but I didn't care. It's whatever works for your family. Did it with number 1 and she turned out fantastic. Have done it with number 2 for four years now. He always has the choice of his bed or mommy's and he usually chooses mine but it's his choice.

Happy Birthday sweet girl <3

I co-slept with all 5 of my babies. L will not go in her crib- 45 min of screaming proves that! It's done best if you have a king size bed, otherwise your fighting for bed space with a little person. Eventually they moved off the bed to a spot on out floor with a mat. Then to their own bedrooms. My 9 and 7 year old sleep together when it's not a school night. I myself am a very light sleeper, my instincts kick in and just know when something's wrong. Co-sleeping thumbs up.

I've always co-slept. It works for some and not for others. Again, it's one of those topic where you do what works for you and your kids.

You know best when they need you like that. We have and will do when they need us, it has not ever become an expectation or habit...sometimes when they need you, it just feels nice

I'm personally not a fan of co-sleeping (mostly because my bed is too small), however after having our second, she slept in my bed for the first six weeks, I learned you do what you have to do survive! I needed sleep and she would only sleep in my arms so she moved in! I had a terrible sleep but a strong bond with my baby. So overall, I say do what works for you and your family!

When our little one has those nights she ends up in our bed too... although it is always feet kicking mom in the face.... I wake up with bruises and scratches, and she has had a great night sleep.

Tummy time turned into a 2.5 hour nap! :)

It was hard when I had braces and he was a year old and would head butt me in the night. I would wake up with a fat lip and dried blood. Once I was hit so hard, I thought he busted a brace. I remember waking up going Son of a Bitch and blood everywhere and we still kept co-sleeping.

Best friends!

My two cents on co-sleeping: And I'm putting this in a private message because I don't care want to spark a debate; I don't care what others think. It worked for us! Our first didn't spend more than a handful of nights in his own crib and we didn't even bother setting up a crib for our second. I understand the dangers, we were very careful to set the baby up high in the bed between our heads, with baby's own blanket (it was a firm mattress and wide bed so pillow risks were minimal). Neither of us were (!) overweight (ah the good old days) and didn't drink. much. Anyhow, it worked for our family. Many people don't approve of a family bed. I understand it doesn't work and isn't the best choice for everyone. We had success. The kids transitioned out easily with the introduction of the toddler bed sidecar (then it was moved into their own bedroom) (Prior to that I used a bedrail on the outside edge and learned to breastfeed while lying down, both sides… BEST MOVE EVER!)
Before I had kids I was full of great advice that I'd read in textbooks or heard from others. After I had kids, and even today with parents, my advice is that every situation is entirely unique. Go with your gut instinct. You know your family better than anyone else. There is so much information "out there" in books and professional advice (which is 98% personal opinion), just keep looking and you are bound to find the information that matches your instincts. And that's my unsolicited advice!

Love all of the responses! Thanks for sharing! :)

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  1. It makes me so happy to hear that soo many mommies are pro co-sleeping. I truly think it's the best thing for a child. Thank you for sharing that

  2. Thank you for leaving feedback. I appreciate that, a lot! :)

  3. I love co-sleeping with my kids. I am a mother who enjoys her sleep, especially on those nights where the kids would be up lots through the night. Instead of fighting to have them sleep in their own bed, I choose to have them crawl in with me. My youngest co-sleeps with us the most. She starts in her own bed at night, and then comes into our bed. I think part of it has to do with the fact that she gets cold, and part in fact that she is very close to me. It is only if she is completely exhausted will she stay in her own bed.

  4. I think it's great. As long as the kids are safe and happy, that's all I really think about. I have never heard of a child who has been damaged from sleeping with their parents, if anything, it stregthens the bond. The only reason that I don't love it, is because Brinley moves too much and makes noises. :) Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it!