31 December 2013

I'm a HORRIBLE Mom!!

I just wanted to share a few pictures that prove to everybody that I am a horrible mother and when my child is in crisis or could use a hug, I grab the camera. Why does social media play such a major role in my life? :)

Just had my two month shots!
The start of monthly torture!
You'll like the Bumbo! It wasn't cheap!
Come on, the exersaucer is fun! This could be interpreted as a smile!
HA! HA! Keep picking...I'll grab the camera!
Here, take the toy and smile!
Just stay in the box! Come on, it's fun!
Ha! Ha! She's scared of the bunny!
Spilled my juice all over myself in the NICU! Now, I'm naked!
Just give mommy another 10 seconds!
We do this every month. SIT DOWN!
I actually took this picture to email it to daddy...but pretty eyelashes!
Ha! Ha! She's scared of the donkey!
I just fell on my face now you want me to smile for the camera?!?!
Mom, I can't breathe...like for real!
BOO!!!! AHHHHH!!!!
Oh come on kids, it could be worse.....I think!!
Hurry!! Take the picture! It's so funny!
Happy New Year!!! :)


  1. You are absolutely one of my favorite people after seeing this blog.

    Best. Blog. Post. Ever!!!!

    1. Ahhhh...thanks Jennie!!! Hopefully you have a bunch of these pictures too! I just looked at them again.......and laughed! :)

  2. Your welcome and in case you don't know its Jenna frome FB. haha and yay responding gave me the chance to laught again!!! Xoxo

    1. Jennie, Jenn, Jenna!! :) I keep laughing too!!