21 December 2013

Controversial Posts....

Love this picture!

The other day on Facebook, I posted an article about myths surrounding the flu vaccine. Whenever I post about vaccinations or immunizations, it causes a bit of an uproar. Moms and dads are either completely for or completely against vaccinations. I am a very strong and opinionated person. I voice my opinion and I stick by what I believe. I respect what you choose, but in the end, it is about keeping my family healthy.
A friend sent me this message this morning. I know that she does not immunize her son nor does she get the flu vaccine. She believes in vitamins, healthy eating, exercise, taking care of your mind and body. I respect her so much more for sending me this message. When you support other's opinions and are able to see both sides, it makes you a better person.

Normal is a setting on a dryer....

Hey Momma. I want to say this because I can see and feel your frustration as a Mom, with a child that has amazing needs. (Sorry "special needs" term just doesn't sound right to me, not meaning to offend) No matter what you post, or hear from others, you are doing just what you need to do for Adele. Vaccinations are just another hard choice in Motherhood, no different then all the other choices we are faced with. 

First: It's if you had one drink in the time before you found out you were pregnant. Funny because all stories I've heard is that most were hammered 2 weeks before they knew, then looked at like the devil. Then if you're going to eat Feta and a million other "you can't eat that!" foods while you're pregnant, what vitamins to take, what doctor to go to, Midwife or doctor and if I do one or the other am I a good or bad Mom, don't sleep on your right side because if you do you might cut off baby's flow to the baby's finger and the world as you know it, do I find out if baby is a boy or girl, what crib to buy, why am I so f**cking tired, only 270 days to go at work, why do I pee myself when I sneeze (or move!) Why does that girl look so much better and happier than I do pregnant like it's easy or some sh*t, why is it so cold in here, just kidding why is it so hot in here, HOLD THAT THOUGHT I need to puke! I love my spouse/I hate my spouse, NEVERMIND all that- how am I going to get this baby out, no drugs, drugs, C section.....then we take a break. 

Baby is here, we're blessed. We remember all the good things that come with this feeling of a new baby. It's wonderful, and she/he is beyond words or sight that anything in life could bring. Then, breast feeding, formula, I'm over tired, I can't think straight anymore, why was this different for the next person, will this nice decoration on my wall strangle my baby or that cute toy, like the recall I just saw on the news, or should I get this monitor, or maybe I should just lay on the floor with my eyes open all night long to make sure nothing will happen! F! F! And that is IF all is "Normal". Some of us are faced with much more than the above, if you can imagine. If this happens we fear everything, it can be too much. We start to wonder if everything we know and everything we feel is wrong or right.  

Then we have Facebook, where we can also express our feelings and get advice, but also feel like a bad Mom for what the next person is doing different....like we don't have enough to worry about already. Remember, Facebook is all about expression, good and bad, it's why it's been so popular. Take it in stride. Don't worry about what you post, if it causes and up roar, that's life, and actually Facebook is a good reality. No one ever posts something without wanting to give knowledge, some to show off, others just plain don't know what they are talking about, but they deserve some respect too. It's like any other area of life, take what you need and discard the rest. Just always be certain about your own choice. So post away, make others think, if they are certain, nothing comes between them and their own choice. Knowledge is power, knowledge at different times in life is different for everyone.   

You are doing the best you know for your children. You know what feels right from all what you've heard and what you truly know feels right, that's where you need to be. Done. You know Adele, better than anyone else out there, you do what you feel is best for her. I've personally seen you rock a room of children with troubled lives, as a devoted teacher and overall amazing person. I don't think, I know, it was inspiring, I wouldn't have ever come to that classroom otherwise. You have a vibe about you that inspires people to want to grow and be happy. With all of that said, you know what you need to do as a Mom, no matter what that choice may be. Every choice you make for Adele and your family is what it should be. You'll always "feel" what is right. The rest is background noise. In a good, and real life, there is no such thing as normal.

Merry Christmas to you, and all of your family that have hiked through life this year.


  1. I noticed that you're a little shit disturber on FB! Kidding :D

    Thank you for sharing this note...It was perfectly said, so many of us need to read something like that! And I personally like people who voice their opinions, even if I disagree with them. We can all learn a lot from each other if we voice our thoughts respectfully.

  2. It is about voicing our thoughts respectfully. That's all! Just be nice!
    I say things sometimes a little too bluntly...I try to be tactful but it doesn't always come out that way!
    I am a shit disturber...you should join my club!! :))))