27 December 2014

#IMREADY - Changing the Face of Beauty

On November 1st, 2014, Changing the Face of Beauty launched a campaign encouraging everyone to call out their favourite retailers and asked them to include models of different abilities in 2015. 

When one sweet little girl graced the pages of Target's flyer, the world stepped up, sharing the flyer and picture. It went viral quickly, letting the world know that it's time to change the face of beauty.
People view beauty as the wide-eyed child, with perfect cheekbones, strutting their stuff in kiddie couture and trying to sell everything from fruit snacks to automobiles. The perfect child model does not include those with Down syndrome, autism, wheelchair bound or any other (dis)ability.

It's time for companies and magazines to include children of varying abilities. Inclusion and acceptance shows that you are a company that cares about all children. You respect families and are teaching the world that all children are worthy. All children are beautiful. All children need to feel loved, appreciated and respected.
When companies include children and adults with (dis)abilities in their campaign ads, you are taking a step forward, a step in the right direction.

Who decides what is beautiful?

When I look at Adele, I see total perfection. I see beautiful, almond shaped, blue eyes. I see perfectly shaped ears and sweet, full, pink lips. I see a smile that lights up a room. I see a cute, tiny little nose that is shaped perfectly for her face. I see this little being that is so full of personality and life. Adele is beautiful.

I want to see my daughter grace the cover of magazines. I want to see her representing clothing companies. I want to be able to tell her that the world thinks she is perfect and worthy enough to be apart of major ad campaigns. I want the world to tell her that she is beautiful.

The road for our children is not always paved in gold. There are many challenges and bumps along this journey. I believe that by showing equality and respect for all children, teens and adults, it is advancement and a positive move in the right direction.  

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“Hey (your favourite retailer) #IMREADY for change.  We want YOU to include models of all abilities in 2015.  We want YOU to be part of the #15in2015 . 15 retailers including models of all abilities. It's time to step up. Let's see change. Let's see inclusion and acceptance."