1 January 2015

A Look Back On 2014

A Look Back On 2014!

New Year's 2013
Our first donations for the baskets
Mom and dad think that the bear pictures are coming to an end
Working so hard
My first love
Mom walked away
Just one more month
EEG - I loved it
My first love
My mom is on a mission
First basket
Brinley's second birthday
Funky sock day
Getting rid of the soothers - it was working out well
What is this white stuff?
And....we're done!
No more night oxygen - April/14
My second love - Disneyland - April/14
Sometimes you need to eat ice cream for breakfast
I'm always happy ;)
Matching pyjamas :)
My best friend
Grandpa retired
A fun vacation to Radium
Dad got a speeding ticket and mom laughed....hysterically!
Adele's first birthday
Brinley became a Jedi Warrior
Sort of learnt how to ride a bike
I have a sense of humour
I'm gorgeous
Making a difference
My second love and forever love
My second Halloween
Stronger and working so hard
Music Therapy has been one of our best decisions for the girls
Our baskets have grown :)
I'm not too sure....
Loved Santa
Potty training
Thank you to all of our friends and family for the love and support over the past year. We are blessed, thankful and grateful. It has been a great year for our family. We have delivered 12 welcome baskets to families who have a baby born with Down syndrome. We have received donations from all over the world. Thank you! We have been featured on Global News and in several magazines. We have done presentations at our local elementary school and we were recently asked to submit photos of both girls to a major clothing company who is taking part in Changing the Face of Beauty. It's been a busy and wonderful year. Our goal is not fame, our goal is to get the word out, to educate, advocate and bring some comfort and joy to families. If you would like to donate or if you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email -
Have a wonderful 2015! We are looking forward to making an even bigger difference in the year to come. Stay tuned! :)
The Collins Family xo


  1. You're awesome! Loved the pictures...Especially the one with Brinley and the Bear at two! lol

    Happy New Year Friend!

    1. Thanks JC! I am just heading over to read your latest post. Happy New Year!!!
      We knew that at two, it was done. Will attempt three.... :)

  2. What a great successful year! Love the pics! Wishing you the best in 2015.

    1. Thanks Angela! Happy New Year to you and your family. Xo