15 December 2014

And the Winner Is.....Lysol


Well, it’s cold and flu season! Since Adele, life has changed dramatically when it comes to germs and viruses. Our family is very cautious because Adele does have a more fragile immune system and her muscle tone is weaker than a typical child’s immune system. Hypotonia has some negatives aspects, in that it is more difficult for Adele to move secretions through her body and because of the smaller nasal passages, she gets the sniffles more often. 

It is imperative that as a family, we work diligently to keep both Adele and Brinley as healthy as possible. When a two and a half year old gets sick, the rest of the family, including Adele is next on the list.

We are a Lysol [http://www.lysol.ca] family. I believe in Lysol. I stand by Lysol and you can find their products as soon as you walk in our door. 

When we have guests come over, it’s to the Lysol Hand Soap dispenser they go. We try to make it fun for Brinley, so we bought the Disney Princess dispenser and when she gets home, she goes straight to the sink and asks for her hands to be washed. We all know that Lysol kills 99.9% of germs and to our family, this brings reassurance that during the cold and flu season, we are protecting ourselves and those who come into our home. 

After the girls go to bed, I get out the Lysol Disinfectant Spray and use it on the hard surfaces in our home. I also spray it on all the doorknobs and on James if he gets in my way. I need to know that my husband is 99.9% disinfected. :)

Our next challenge with Adele, besides working on our immune system, is her poops. The poor girl struggles with getting out a nice sized, soft poop. Well, we decided that she needed a little extra help and what we like to call, additional loving. We bought a poop aid! We are still trying to figure out what amount will work best for her little system. We don’t want solid, we don’t want runny, just a nice pooping experience for our girl. 

Well, the other day, she had a blow out. She got rid of dinner from the night before, right up until dinner that night. It was frightening. :) 

I changed her diaper on the mats in the living room and well, she is so squirmy and out of control, there was poop on the mats, poop on me, poop on her, poop everywhere. I grabbed the Lysol wipes and went to town. I thoroughly disinfected the entire area. Adele spends a lot of time rolling around on the mats and playing with her toys. I needed to make sure that we were fully sanitized. I came close to scrubbing her down with the Lysol wipes, but opted for a bath instead. ;) I need to know that my children are in a home that is clean, sanitized and fully disinfected. I am confident that their products are safe to use where my children play and I am confident that it has helped our family keep healthy and well.

I know that a lot of families don’t think twice when their child gets a cold. It comes, it sticks around for a while, gets passed around and then it’s gone. The thing is, when your child gets a cold and you bring them out in public around my children, chances are pretty good that we will end up in the hospital. Adele’s system is not the same as your child’s immune system. Our ultimate goal is to keep both girls healthy and happy. 

I challenge families to go out and buy some Lysol products and test them out for a period of time. See if your children miss less time from school. See if you miss less time from work. We all want our homes to be safe and protected from colds, the flu and viruses. Taking the time to sanitize is worth it for the health and well-being of your family. 

Keep your family healthy this holiday season and save with this coupon for $1.00 off any two Lysol products [http://www.lysol.ca/illness-prevention-1/cold-flu/].

This post was brought to you by Lysol, but the images and opinions are my own. For more information, please visit www.lysol.ca.

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