15 March 2015

A Cancer Diagnosis

Dear Belinda,

This week you found out that your son has Leukemia. Your world came crashing down and your worst fears came true. You are staying strong for your family and friends but I can see the worry and hurt in your eyes. As a parent of a child with Down syndrome, this scares me. I worry about my child's future and if we will travel the same road as you. The day you found out, you reached out and the response showed me that you are surrounded by an amazing community. A community who loves you. A community that wants to hold you, protect you and lessen your heartache. In the midst of all of this, you continue to be a good friend to others and you continue to be supportive of those travelling their own journeys. My heart hurt for you this week and because of Grayson's diagnosis, I have decided that Adele's Over the Rainbow Baskets - Down syndrome LOVIN will now make baskets for families who have a child diagnosed with cancer. I delivered two this week and realized that I have the opportunity to bring some comfort to families who are grieving.
I am your friend and I will always be your friend. I will support you and Roger in any way that I can. I will cry with you, I will laugh with you and I will listen.


Seeing you today you looked so sad, so worried, so tired and so beautiful. You looked like a momma who would do anything for her boy and is so scared of what is to come. Although our journeys differ I know those feelings and the fierceness of them. After losing one baby and almost losing my eldest, I wish I could protect every momma from ever feeling those feelings but that is not life. Instead I hope I can lessen the feeling of isolation that comes with those fears.
From a mom who has feared what the future has to hold for her baby, or if there would be one, you are never alone.
From a mom who has held her tummy, telling that baby I will protect and care for you through all this stress the best I can but it might get rough, please stay safe.
From a mom who felt angry that I should be enjoying this baby that is coming but I needed to care for the child that is so sick and sometimes I didn't know how to do both.
From a woman who wanted to be surrounded by friends and family in one moment, and in the next, left alone with my child, to hold and smell and feel them without interruption, and in the next wanting to run as far away from that room as I could get, and yet you can't imagine ever leaving their side.
As a wife I didn't know how to share my thoughts and fears with my husband.
It is all part of the journey...along with so many other experiences and emotions....and you are not alone.
Our journeys vary but most test relationships. Lean on those you know you can, forgive those that can't be there the way you'd like them to. Yell, scream, cry and laugh when you need to. Be kind and gentle and forgive yourself when you feel guilty....maybe not right away but eventually.
I will think of you, Roger, Grayson and that little babe every day. I will send prayers and loving, healthy vibes. And if you ever need anything I will do my very best to be there for you however I can.


We come into this world, not knowing what the future holds, but what I have come to realize, is that we all need to support each other. We will meet many people along this journey, some will remain friends and some will continue on their own paths. What's important, is that we take care of one another, respect one another and know that sometimes the journey takes us in a direction that we never expected. With the help of those around us, we will prevail. We will become stronger, We will make it. It will be ok.


Krista and Chrissy xo

*** If you would like to donate any new baby items or special items for mom and dad, please feel free to send me a message or email me at krowland23@hotmail.com
Thank you!

Our two fundraisers....Please check them out and help us continue to make baskets for very deserving families.

Stella & Dot

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