7 September 2014

Pictures and an Update....

Today's post is all about the girls! PICTURES!!! Just in case you missed it ;) I have set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money to buy more goodies for the baskets. I would love to keep the project going, at least long enough so that the girls can help out one day. I don't expect people to donate hundreds, $5.00 would buy a couple of onesies. I just handed out the last blanket but there may be more incentives in the next while... I would love it if we could make the baskets for families in other areas, not just Calgary. The only way that I am able to do this, is if we continue to get donations. Please share Adele's page. We appreciate all of your support. Thank you.

Go Fund Me

I have also set up an online store, where you can buy A Perfect Extra Chromosome merchandise. Profits will go right back into Adele's Baskets. It's a win win!! :)

Adele's Over the Rainbow Baskets - Online Store


A little update on Adele....she had an overnight oxymeter test and she did stellar. Her average was 96, which is pretty great. She continues to grow and gain weight at a good rate. Her pediatrician is quite impressed with how well she is doing. She recently had her yearly blood work done and all of the numbers came back perfect, so there are no concerns right now. I worried about the blood work. I have to be honest, it stressed me out. I was waiting for a phone call telling me that she has cancer. I know that I can't live each day feeling this way, and I don't, but it's tough when our little ones have a greater chance of getting cancer.
We are still working on pooping...yes, pooping. We hope for poops. I think I've even prayed for the poops. I think we will get her going on PEG and see if that gives her the boost she needs.
She was given glasses so that we could strengthen her eyes a bit, but we have not found a band that works yet. We met a little girl yesterday and it looks like the band she has, may just work for us. Going to do a little more research.
She is not sitting unassisted yet or crawling. She will roll all over the place and she knows how to get to where she needs to be. At first, it bothered me, seeing all of these little ones who are seven and eight months, sitting up, but then I realized that Adele is working so hard on some other skills, we will keep at the OT and PT and hopefully we get there soon. Adele is really verbal and makes a lot of different sounds. This makes me incredibly happy. I am learning that our little miracles focus hard on one area and this is what Adele is doing right now. We are working on signing and the whole family watches Signing Times at bedtime. The girls stay glued to the IPad. My, how my life has changed!!
Happy Sunday! :)
If you would like to be a guest blogger, please let me know. I would love to share your journey. 



  1. I couldn't find an email for you, but I'd like to talk to you about an exchange opportunity to raise money for Adele s baskets. And depending on what kind of guest bloggers you re looking for I'd be interested in that too.
    Angela @ Time with A & N (now Trusting the Journey of Motherhood)

    1. Forgot to leave you my email. It's glennbabies@gmail.com

    2. Hey Angela! You can email me at krowland23@hotmail.com. Let's chat! :)

  2. Your girls are the cutest!!