23 August 2014

STOP With the Ice Bucket Challenge.....

"Stop wasting water."

"What a silly thing to do."

"There are children all over the world who don't have clean water."

"I don't even know what ALS is....."

"How is this bringing awareness to ALS?"

"Just stop posting the videos."

"I won't get involved in such a silly thing."

"You people are losers."

These are all comments that I have read on Facebook in the past week. The negativity, the comments, the refusal to participate. The grass activists are pissed because some of you aren't doing the challenge over your lawn. The plant activists are pissed because you aren't standing over a fern. The rain barrel activists are pissed because you aren't standing on top of a rain barrel. The boozers are pissed because all of those ice cubes are going to waste.

This is what you choose to be negative about? There is always something. There are always those who find negativity in everything. If you feel that the challenge has not brought any awareness, go to the ALS Association website and get educated. If you are tired of watching videos, don't watch them. Maybe you are just upset because nobody has nominated you.

ALS Society of Alberta

Adele's buddy, Brooke! Dedicated her Ice Bucket Challenge to ALS and Down syndrome Awareness

My opinion, the person or group who started all of this, you are genius. You are wonderful and amazing and obviously have a great sense of humour. The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken over Facebook. It has taken over You Tube. This has been one of the most uplifting and positive crusades that I have ever been a part of....(ok, I have been challenged, but have not stepped up yet, but I will).
The world, seriously, the whole world has come together and has brought about a whole crap load of awareness for ALS. Celebrities, presidents, common folk :) have all participated in this worthy and amazing cause.
The Ice Bucket Challenge has so far raised over 41 million dollars and you are telling me that this is silly and ridiculous and a waste of resources?!?! Give your head a shake. Before the Ice Bucket Challenge, the world didn't know what ALS was, just that it was a disease but if it hadn't affected your family, it just didn't matter. Do you have any concept of the awareness and the education that has come about because of the challenge? The research, the hope for a cure, the lives that this has impacted is beyond what families and what the ALS Association can even comprehend. There is no cure, but with 41 million dollars and growing, this brings about some light, some hope for those who are suffering. The amount of people affected by ALS is small in comparison to those who have cancer and other diseases. Does it make it any less worthy? Does it mean that we shouldn't be trying to find a cure? No. The answer is, NO.

Instead of posting negative comments on Facebook and commenting that this is annoying and a waste of your time, you need to realize that social media has once again risen to the occasion and for a moment in time, the world has come together to participate, to show support, we all want to find a cure, we all want to have a little fun, we all want to have a laugh. Most importantly, we have all shown those who are suffering from this horrendous disease, that we care. Your child who doesn't quite get why they are pouring a bucket of water over their head, this is your time to be a teacher, explain why they have been nominated, explain what ALS is, let them know that although they are pouring ice and water over themselves, it is about awareness, donating money to the cause and trying to help those who are suffering.

Good on my friends and family who have participated. Good on the celebrities for stepping up. Good on those who are suffering and who are living with ALS for participating in the challenge and for also adding a little education in your video for the rest of the world.
The challenge has attracted so many people because it is fun, it has made people smile, nobody likes to be challenged and  then not follow through on the nomination. Some videos have been simply pouring ice and water over yourself, while others have performed raps, dressed up, poured money over their heads and of course the many bloopers that are all over the internet.

I hope that the challenges continue and that we choose many different causes and continue to educate the world.

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