30 August 2013

Dear Brinley and Adele....

My Babies :)

Today was a pretty great day. I had a few hours of snuggles and Adele's breathing was not as laboured. I guess earlier on in the day, she was having some troubles again so they decided to book her in at The Children's Hospital on Tuesday, with the ear, throat and nose specialist. They will put her in a little incubator and head off in the ambulance for a visit with the doctor. I asked James if he could go to that appointment..mommy doesn't want to go, I want to hang with Brinley for a while. I can visit later on that day.
She had a repeat x-ray, it looked pretty good except for the NG tube which was in too far. Who's the crap nurse who can't do her job properly?? Oh wait, I inserted that tube. It looked like a fish hook on the x-ray, I giggled. It could be pulled out an inch or so but I'm guessing they will leave it alone.
The nurse practitioner was pleased with the x-ray but was going to discuss it with the doctor. The swab results came back negative, they are just waiting for one more test, then she should be allowed out of isolation. The nurse was going to ask the doctor if she could come out sooner....here's hoping. I asked for a room with a view. Our little peanut needs a little sunlight. I can't wait for the day when we can sit on the deck with Adele and Brinley and let our little one see the sun and breathe in some fresh air.
James headed to the hospital for some night snuggles and he took the car seat back with him as we are really hoping that we can return the car bed and leave with her in her car seat. I'm thinking that because she is on oxygen for a while, she may just be fine. Fingers crossed.

Sisters :)
I was having a mommy thought about the future when I was driving home from the hospital today. I thought about social media, role models, Miley Cyrus and decided that it was time to write my little girls a letter.....

Dear Brinley and Adele,

I'd like to start off this letter by telling you that mommy and daddy love you to pieces. You came into this world as naive, vulnerable and beautiful little girls. We, as your parents would like to keep safe and protected all throughout your life, but we know that at some point, you will be making your own decisions. We pray that what we have taught you will resonate with you and that you remember to make good choices that show respect for yourself and others.

Mommy and daddy think that we are fairly cool and not too strict, well maybe a bit strict when it comes to certain things, but we believe in having a good time and laughing lots. I have a few suggestions for the both of you. You may think they are rules but I consider them suggestions that you really should follow in order to make mommy and daddy happy!

#1 – I would like to start off with role models and what defines a role model. As I was watching Miley Cyrus twerk on Robin Thicke, I had this epiphany. She is no longer Hannah Montana. Twerking is gross and that is that. If I see you girls twerking up on somebody, boy or girl, mommy will gather up the family and we will take you to a very public place and twerk on strangers while you cringe and cry and regret that you thought twerking made you look cool.  It is cheap and disgusting and I gag. You will choose role models who inspire you to become a better person. You will choose people who have made a significant, positive difference in this world.

#2 – I don’t know what technology will look like in 10 years but I am telling you that you will not own a cell phone while you are in elementary school. You may have some sort of device that only calls mommy and daddy but that is it! You cannot earn one by doing chores or by being kind to each other. It’s not going to happen. You will not have a Facebook account, a Twitter account or a MySpace account. You are too young. There is no negotiating. When we feel that you are ready, you need to prove to us that you are mature enough and realize that there are certain responsibilities that come with the social media world. 

#3 – You will not date in elementary or junior high school. You will not go on first, second or third base….again, you will not twerk! Mommy and auntie weren’t allowed to date until we were 16 and that rule was followed or grandpa would have given us a serious whoopin. J There is no need to date before this age. You are permitted to have friends who are boys but you will not date. You need to enjoy these years, play with your friends, laugh, enjoy. If I find out that you have broken this rule, I will lock you in your room for a long, long time and let you think about your poor decision. I will then extend the dating age to 18. I know people who know people…I will know if you break this rule.

#4 – You will not leave the house in one outfit then change at school. I will find out and you will regret it. I will not allow you to pick out your own clothes for a very long time and I will chaperone you to school and check on you periodically throughout the day. You will also be given a school uniform. Mommy’s choice! Respect your body. Dressing provocatively is not classy or sexy. When you dress like a young, respectable young lady, you look beautiful and attract positive attention. When you respect yourself, others will also respect you.

#5 – You will have chores. You will do your chores. Don’t expect to be paid. We pay for your food, your clothes, your transportation, your education and the roof that is over your head. If mommy and daddy choose to give you an allowance, be happy with what you get because if you ever complain, you won’t see a dime for a very long time. We will even take your tooth fairy money.

#6 – Mommy and daddy are funny! We will tell jokes in front of your friends and you will laugh. Don’t be embarrassed, we could be twerking instead of telling jokes.

#7 – You will go to school. You will graduate. You will do something productive with your life. Do we expect you to go to university? No. We expect you to be productive members of society. If you choose to not attend a post-secondary institution, mommy and daddy will buy a vacation property with all of the money that we put away just for you….. J

#8 – You will use your manners with everybody you encounter. Not everybody will be nice to you. Not everybody will use their manners. When you go out with your friends, some of them will swear and won’t say please and thank you. You are not too good. You are not above other people. You will be polite to others and you will make mommy and daddy proud.

#9 – When mommy and daddy are old and we lose our memory and pee our pants, you will change our diapers because we changed yours…if you choose to pass this duty onto others, you will lose your inheritance.

#10 – Mommy and daddy want you to know that you can always come and talk to us. We will always support you and love you unconditionally. We will watch you play sports, come to your school activities, listen to you play the piano, watch you during ballet class and cheer you on when you need it most. We will encourage you to be the best person that you can be, that doesn’t mean a straight ‘A’ report card, that means that you tried. We will have your back but when you make a mistake, you must take full responsibility and make things right. We expect you to be honest with us, your friends, your family and your teachers.  Above all, know that you are loved. Xo

Mommy and Daddy


  1. Hi Krista,
    I am so happy to say I have now begun to read and ENJOY your blog. You are brave, beautiful, hilarious...Especially loved the Twelve Habits from June 26. Thank you for sharing yourself and your journey with us.
    Peace, Love, Blessings
    nurse betty :)

  2. Nurse Betty..my family loves you!! I am so happy that you have started to read the blog...don't get scared. :)

    You are beautiful! You are wonderful! xoxo