8 July 2013

Done at 37!!!

Princess Brinley!

Yes, it's been a while since the last post. Life has been busy and stressful for all of us, including friends and family. We have been living with my parents for the past 2.5 weeks and will now be here for at least another month. I was admitted to the hospital on Saturday with high blood pressure. I thought maybe they would have released me that night but it was a no go. I think I had maybe two hours of sleep, which sucks for lowering the blood pressure. My roomie who was just wonderful and delightful was induced that night at 1:0oam, so we both didn't sleep too much. Yesterday, I had more blood work done as well as a 24 hour urine test. I can't stand that test, but I guess it's pretty simple compared to other tests. James drove to the the hospital 3 times yesterday to be with me, plus take care of little Brinley. It was a busy day for him, while I just sat and stirred in my little bed. I had an ultrasound later on in the day and it went well, they wouldn't let me walk so I got to go strolling in a wheelchair. I like being taken care of!! :) James wasn't allowed in and I didn't even get to see the screen, so I never got to see our princess. I asked the tech how she looked. His answer "fine." WOW!! Thanks!!
I asked how her femurs were measuring and he told me that they were a little shorter. I told him, thinking that he would have read my chart, that she has Down Syndrome. His answer "oh, she does??" NICE!!!
The ultrasound results came back perfect. She weighs 4 pounds 6 ounces and scored an 8/8. Those results made us smile.
The tech asked James to take me back to my room and as we were getting out of the elevator, the wheelchair got stuck on the metal piece, I almost went flying. The chair smashed my ankles and my chart shot across the floor. James does not make a good porter. :) 
The doctor came in to have a chat and he told me that the only way I was allowed to be discharged from the hospital was if I was open to home care. Yup, I sure am!! So, I am on a type of bed rest until baby arrives. I have to be honest, it stresses me out a bit more just because we had to leave the house due to the flood, so nothing is ready the way I like it! I am quite the perfectionist, so I need for my house to be just perfect for baby. I think I will hire a cleaning company to go in and do a very thorough clean, that will make me feel better. We don't really need access to the basement and garage, just the top two floors. I know that it will all work out in the end, but I miss my home. I miss my bed. I miss my schedule and routine. I miss my little town.
I try so hard to stay positive and put a smile on my face. It's difficult. I don't wish this on anybody, losing your belongings and your valuables. I have heard a few times that it's just stuff, but we have worked very hard for that stuff and poor James had to throw it all out in the garbage bins. I didn't have to witness our belongings being tossed and I can't imagine the heartache for James. A couple of the things that he lost were his Michael Jordan rookie card, first edition GI Joe comic books that he's collected over the years plus his hobby and passion for Greek books, figurines, shields etc., all gone!
Driving around High River is incredibly difficult. When you watch the news and see the devastation, you feel bad for others then you move on and eat dinner. When you see the destruction first hand, it is surreal and heart wrenching. You drive up and down the streets and all you see are families tossing their belongings out on the front lawn, all covered in mud and sewage. High River is also a community that houses the elderly, this breaks my heart. Some of them have nowhere to go, no money and no help. I pray that they heal.

Life has it's twists and turns and heartaches, but you rebuild and move on. I am thankful that my family is safe and that we have a place to stay until baby arrives.

My goal is to keep cooking this little one. I am 33 weeks pregnant and would like to get to 37, then it's exit time. I don't think this body will carry a baby to 40 weeks and we all know that 37 is full term. I am ready to never house a little human being ever again. I am thankful that we were able to conceive so easily and we are blessed with Brinley and Little Bean, I am just done. Induce me, epidural me, drug me and exit! I asked the OB after I delivered Brinley to just completely sew me up, there is no need for that anymore. ;) She obviously didn't listen to my request. 

I am looking forward to the next step in our lives and can't wait to meet this perfect baby of ours. Thank you to everybody who has helped us out, you mean the world to us and we love you.

Happy Monday to all my friends!

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