12 April 2015

You Know You're A Parent When....

I'm A Parent.....

1) During the first year, you smell like barf, even after you use a wet wipe.
2) You get shit under your fingernails at least once a week. Is it just me?
3) You nod and smile at least 100 times a day because you have no idea what your kid is saying.
4) You never go to the bathroom alone. You lock the door, you turn the lights off, they know where you are. They will find you. They will yell and bang on the door. They will stick their hands under the door and yell "MOM! MOM! MOM! MA! MA! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOM! MOM!!
5) Your children go down for naps and you still watch Treehouse for over an hour.
6) You step on Lego and swear. You step on a Hot Wheels car and swear. Giving birth to your children was less painful.
7) You lick your finger and wipe food off your child's face.
8) You lick your finger to fix your child's hair.
9) You lick your finger and wipe off your friends' faces.
10) You stand in line waiting to pay for diapers and cereal puffs and you sway back and forth, back and forth, but you are all alone.

11) You know ALL of the words to ALL of the Frozen songs but you change them to rap songs because you think you are funny.
12) You fart in public and blame your child.
13) Make out sessions with your spouse......what are make out sessions?
14) You go out for dinner with friends, dig through your purse to find your wallet, but all you come up with is a pack of fruit snacks, diapers, wipes, a half eaten sucker and a rattle.
15) You wake up feeling hung-over at least once a week, but you haven't touched a drop of alcohol.
16) Your favourite search engines are; How to be a better parent in a week. How to keep your patience when you have none. How to compete with the 'other' moms. How to lose twenty pounds in a week. How to stop eating your kids' leftover food.
17) Your junk folder is filled with diaper coupons instead of Viagra and vibrator links.
18) Your backseat is filled with juice boxes, crumbs and toys.
19) Your cell phone sits on the table when you go out for dinner with friends because you left the children with dad.
20) You say "just a minute" fifty times a day.

21) Your 'extra' money goes into education funds and not on tropical vacations.
22) You spell out swear words to your friends.
23) You carry Smarties in your purse just in case you need to bribe your offspring.
24) Your back always hurts and your biceps are beautiful from lugging around children.
25) You offer to wipe another child's bum. This is never ok.
26) You use your children as an excuse so that you don't have to go out.
27) Grocery shopping on your own is like going on a vacation.
28) You've thought about how much fun it would be to party with Anna and Elsa.
29) You've heated up your coffee five times in an hour.
30) You can sniff out a dirty diaper like nobody's business.

31) You wipe boogers with your bare hands.
32) You catch another child's puke in your hands.
33) You hope that it was a raisin that your child just ate, but you aren't too concerned, they need to build up their immune system.
34) You drive around the community for an extra hour because your children are napping. There is peace.
35) You say "because I said so" and you don't care.
36) You hear your mother in your own voice and realize that it's not so bad.
37) You allow your toddler to wear pyjama bottoms, a rain coat and a crown because you want to avoid a full blown meltdown.
38) There's a Happy Meal toy in your purse.
39) You threaten your child again and again but never follow through.
40) You don't even flinch when you tell your child that they need to keep their clothes on in church.

41) You've put your cell phone in the crisper.
42) You stuff a chocolate bar in your mouth without even enjoying it, but you are so tired of sharing with the leeches.
43) You say "oopsie daisy" and you aren't even embarrassed.
44) You over analyze cartoons. You wonder if Max and Ruby actually have a mom and dad.
45) You need to plan out when you can shave your legs.
46) You know 'Goodnight Moon' off by heart.
47) Three second rule...that's a bunch of crap.
48) Quiet children = a whole lot of trouble!
49) You cut your spouse's food into bite sized pieces.
50) You have never felt a love so overwhelming and beautiful and perfect.



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